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Murder For Hire performs crime scene mysteries for hotels, private events, bed and breakfasts

  • The Frankenstein
    Murder Case

  •   Inspired by the classic chillers "Frankenstein" by Mary W. Shelley and "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by Robert Lewis Stevenson!  The body of Elizabeth Frankenstein is found horribly mutilated on her wedding night!

    Frankenstein's Monster from The Frankenstein Murder Case, a MURDER FOR HIRE production, read the full text by Mary Shelley HERE

      A monster is on the loose!  The prime suspects are Dr. Frankenstein, his Creature, a werewolf, and the celebrated scientist, Dr. Henry Jekyll!

    A woman's head and body parts kept alive in a portable lab

    The body parts of a woman are kept alive in a portable lab!

    mystery theater presented by MURDER FOR HIRE

    This large scale mystery is an evening spectacular with Costumes provided for suspects!  THREE CRIME SCENES to explore!

    Dr. Jekyll's lab is composed of
    genuine antique glass equipment!

    Dr. Jekyll's laboratory


    Written in 1816, Mary W. Shelley's monster has endured to this day!  To learn more about this classic tale of terror, we recommend the following: Order Mary Shelley's & Chris Mould's (illustrator) Frankenstein Today!
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