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  This is our complete listing of available pre-produced mysteries. Book any of our mysteries that we can perform either as a one night show or a weekend of terror (unless otherwise specified).   Or we can write and perform a show especially for you!   Nothing is impossible for Murder For Hire!   Hosted by Det. Chief Inspector Kemper of Scotland Yard, full audience participation, and crime scenes included!   We will travel ANYWHERE to perform a mystery!  Remember, we will scare ANYWHERE!

    Here is a complete list of the intriguing titles now available from MURDER FOR HIRE!

  • The Marilyn Files:
    The Case of Crypt 33

  • Our second TRUE CRIME MYSTERY. Follow the paper trail of the ACTUAL DOCUMENTS taken from public sources.


    • The actual CORONER'S REPORT!
    • Marilyn's LAST WILL!
    • Actual contemporary CRIMES SCENE PHOTOS!
    • Authentic Testimony taken from Contemporary sources!
    • Divorce papers from Joe Di Maggio!
    • Appraisals of the estate!
    • Suits against the estate!
    • Parts for 15 suspects and interested parties!
    • AND MORE!



      OR buy The Marilyn Files performance package on line AND PERFORM THE SHOW YOURSELF!   Package includes hard copy booklets and documents!   This overnight murder mystery comes complete with tips and our on line consulting service and performance rights for only $750.00!

    The Marilyn Files: The Case of Crypt 33
The Complete Marilyn Monroe Encyclopedia My Sister Marilyn: A Memoir of Marilyn Monroe Marilyn-Her Life in Her Own Words
cover cover cover cover

      A TRUE unsolved mystery!  George Reeves was TV's Superman.  But fast living and the wrong woman led to a death ruled suicide.  But was it?

      Examine a crime scene based on actual police reports!  Mystery includes the actual coroner's report, facts taken straight from police files, a copy of George Reeves' actual will and George Reeves actual life mask used to demonstrate angle of bullet entry!  No detail has been overlooked!  We give you ALL the facts!

      Great for Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts!  Available in weekend and three hour mystery formats!  The smash hit of Sunday Brunch and Murder at The Edge of Thyme Bed & Breakfast and Mystery Weekend at The Sherwood Inn!  BOOK TODAY!

    A Mystery You Can Sink Your Teeth Into!

      Inspired by the classic novel by Bram Stoker.  The Vampire Tribunal of Justice is out for blood!  The Court of the Undead is after those responsible for the death of Count Dracula, his three lovely brides, and the vampiress, Lucy Westenra.  Also found at the crime scene, the body of Quincy Morris, who lost his life while trying to stop Count Dracula from spreading his Vampire Cult across England.  But was the Count responsible for his death, or was there a more human murderer?  Become a member of the Vampire Tribunal of Justice and investigate the crime scene deep in the catacombs of Dracula's castle!  Book this large scale mystery extravaganza!  BOOK TODAY!

      Inspired by the classic chillers "Frankenstein" by Mary W. Shelley and "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by Robert Lewis Stevenson!  The body of Elizabeth Frankenstein is found horribly mutilated on her wedding night!  The body parts of a woman are kept alive in a portable lab!  A monster is on the loose!  The prime suspects are Dr. Frankenstein, his Creature and the celebrated scientist, Dr. Henry Jekyll!  This large scale mystery is a evening spectacular with THREE CRIME SCENES to explore!  Costumes provided for suspects! Authentic props!  BOOK TODAY!

      A mummy is stolen.  Archeologist, Prof. Wilfred Love is found dead.  A representative from the Egyptian Museum believes an ancient curse is responsible!  Detective Chief Inspector Kemper suspects foul play.  Was it death by supernatural causes or murder?  You decide in this missing mummy mystery!  BOOK TODAY!

    • Spice of Death

      A miraculous healing plant from Haiti and a Voodoo curse bring about the death of a wealthy adventurer.  BOOK TODAY!

    • Murder In Mind

      One of the zaniest mysteries available!  Participants become deranged mental patients with unique phobias who all feel compelled to confess to the murder of their psychiatrist!  Great for business luncheons, dinners and conventions!  Tin foil hat and strait jacket provided. And don't forget your soap!  Show length: ½ hour - 60 minutes.  BOOK TODAY!

        "The most fun we ever had at an annual dinner!"

      --Star Lectronica
      Four County Library System
      Binghamton, NY

    • CLEW!

      Mystery writer Andrew White is found dead in his study. He was so obsessed with a certain board game, he had his mansion's floor plan based on the game board's layout. Can you find out what weapon was used to kill White and who the culprit is?  Crime scene includes the board game, game pieces, possible murder weapons and, of course, the murder victim!  A real mind bender!  Show length: 1 hour.  BOOK TODAY!

      Magic and mystery are always a killer combination and this show has both! Click the link for details... IF YOU DARE!

    Show length: 1/2 hour to 1 hour.
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